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Are you always tired of looking for the right light switch for a particular light bulb? What about keeping track of all the different remote controls you own for your home entertainment and gaming systems? Wouldn’t it be nice if you could control all of it from one single device? At Sound Decision, Los Angeles Home Automation is exactly what we can give you. We have made installing automation systems in homes a breeze. Not only can you control lights, temperature, security, and TV volume all from one device, but also you don’t even have to buy a new device to do it. You can get a fully customized home automation control system right on a convenient device that you already own and love: your iPad. Let Sound Decision organize all of your controls in one easy place, making your house a smart home.

clustered home automation setup and a uncluttered home automation setup

Control Temperature and Comfort

Have you ever wanted to adjust the temperature in the room without having to get up to find the thermostat. Sound Decision brings the thermostat to you – or, more exactly, to your iPad. Since you are likely using your iPad already, it is usually nearby. Next time you need to adjust the temperature up or down, just access our Control 4 interface right on your iPad, select the comfort system, and adjust the temperature to your liking. It’s so easy, everyone in your house can do it and you will forget what it was like you had your home automation system.

For Your Entertainment System

Your home automation control system is also ideal for watching movies at your own home. You haven’t experienced the best of home entertainment until you’ve tried it with Sound Decision’s automated controls. Are you ready to turn your home entertainment system into a completely automated home theater? That’s what we do. Not only can we design and install a professional, unbelievable entertainment system including video, audio, and all the electronic capabilities you need, but we’ll also give you the home automation controls. Watch TV, play party music, and much more anywhere within your house using the Control 4 or Crestron home automation system on your iPad. 


Home automation isn’t only about fun and games, though it is one of our specialties. At Sound Decision, we also make our amazing automated technology for security purposes. You can control the lighting around your house, the alarm systems, and more with our specially designed home automation in Los Angeles. We know that once you’ve tried Control 4 or Crestron, you won’t know how you ever lived without it. We can take on any challenge including commercial and residential buildings and even difficult architectural buildings. Contact us today for amazing home automation in Los Angeles features.

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