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  • Chris Cowan

    It is increasingly difficult to find someone with talent who follows through on promises. Not only does Scott exhibit a freakish knowledge and passion for the industry, but he and his crew hit it out of the park from a customer service perspective

  • Jerry Penacoli

    When I renovated my home, an Audio/Video company left me "high and dry" midway through the process and vanished. Scott Rousso, and his terrific team at Sound Decision saved my project, quay literally. Their professionalism and humanity, during and otherwise stressful situation, were very needed and greatly appreciated. I would recommend them without hesitation

  • Andy Bird

    We couldn’t be more happy with the screening room, Scott and the team from Sound Decision installed for us. The level of professionalism and knowledge is evident throughout the whole process – the results are amazing. What’s most important is that Scott doesn’t forget about you when the job’s finished – once a client, always a client.

  • Andrew Parlen

    I highly recommend Scott Rousso and Sound Decision.  About a year ago, my contractor introduced me to several AV specialists for purposes of designing and building out my home media room.  From the get-go, Scott was the most professional and accommodating of the group.  Instead of trying to impose his vision on me, he listened to what I wanted and could afford and worked with me for hours to answer all of my questions and concerns (and I had a ton of them).   And, more than anyone else, Scott was truly passionate about his work.  Of course, a lot of people can talk a good game, but Scott and his team then delivered.  They efficiently installed an amazing system in the media room as well as speakers throughout the rest of the house.  Everything was done with the highest degree of professionalism and care.  In the time since, Scott has been sure to check in on me from time to time and to keep me up to date on software updates and other developments.  I can't imagine there is anyone better out there.

  • Stephen Randall

    My wife and I stumbled into Sound decision AV's showroom not having any idea what we wanted or what was state of the art in audio, video and automation controls. Scott patiently led us through Request audio and video drives and automated controls for all our music, video and lighting, both indoor and out.  Four years later, through three phases of remodeling our home, with the expertise of Scott and his team, our home and pool area, is entirely automated with the most elegantly simple   Crestron  touch pad control.  Now on a beautiful night, I can sit outside, have a glass of wine, and listen to Miles, Davis, Billie Holliday and John Coltrane on the Request Server, all the speakers in synch and sounding great,  and CONTROLLING IT ALL ON MY iPAD! Incredible.  Music, lighting, who's ringing the doorbell, Everything! When it all works this perfectly, whatever we spent on the system feels like a great vacation. Our home and outdoor area is at a whole new level thanks to Scott and his patience and amazing level of service during planning, installation and his being there for you at any time of the day to answer any questions. The most pleasant experience we've ever had with anyone doing anything in our home.

  • Peter Barret
    Border Grill Restaurants

    Border Grill Restaurants has worked with Scott Rousso and Sound Decision on every project for over 10 years.  He is always the first person we call.  Scott is simply the best in the business.

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